Three pillars

The office of the University architect and the Peter Lougheed Leadership College launched a design competition for a free standing water feature in the courtyard of the Peter Lougheed Hall. The proposed fountain must enhances the campus experience year-round and reflect the aspirational spirit Nelson Mandela's words in  Conversations with Myself.
This project was done in collaboration with Thomas Pomerleau, Devon Roch and Martin Wong in March 2017.
The most important qualities of leadership inspired the fountain's design. Each curve represents adaptability while their balance and the lack of ornamentation show humility. Its material, raw stainless steel, represent strength and honesty. The water flows from the base of the fountain, curving up the arms and finally released in an arc on each of the three sides, with a few gently falling trickles released as the water climbs.

Human experience

The fountain is integrated into the space of the courtyard, sitting flush with the ground and part of the everyday user experience. Three benches within the space of the fountain invite playful human interaction.
The subtle differences between each arc will be discovered over a period of time. As the user experiences different views all around the fountain, the appearance of symmetry will slowly disappear. This complexity creates intrigue and each visit to the courtyard will offer a new reward.

Materials and lighting

Stainless steel is corrosion resistant, strong for its weight and easy to manufacture. Furthermore, it is a bright and easily maintained surface providing a modern and clean appearance. Lastly, this fountain was designed for 8 months of cold: steel would resist the eventual freezing as the water streams create new forms every winter. Grates are used to catch each major stream, reducing water pools and creating ambient noise.
Waterproof LED strips within each arc can gently light the water falling from each fountain. Colours can be changed to reflect current themes or holidays.
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