Martin Kreiner. Strategic design portfolio. Portfolio de design stratégique. Alberta, Canada.


In the middle of the night before the first class of the semester, I was woken up by one of my old dresser’s drawer falling out. The fasteners holding the slides had been pulled out of the old wood. So, I fell back asleep content knowing what I would start sketching come morning.
Now decided on a dresser, I sought to expand on the ‘Calvin’ bookcase from two years before. I had never done a series before.
Originally, I wanted to have this cut on a CNC. I did not think I had the time to cut three panels and assemble everything. Eventually, though, I realised that milling was taking even more time; it is not particularly accessible.

Starting a series

The night before this project started, I was abruptly woken up at 5am by something on my dresser breaking and a drawer falling out. I went back to sleep knowing that I would start designing a dresser in furniture class that day.
In my room, across from my dresser, there was also my Calvin and Hobbes bookcase. It was a project from 2 years prior, and I was still fond of it. So, I thought it would be an exciting and productive challenge to expand the aesthetic into a second piece and start a series.
Just like before, I focused on bending the rules by working in an obtuse angle. It was somewhat more forgiving, since the miters would be hidden by the bottom drawer. This also gave me an opportunity to duplicate the angle on the insideof the drawer, which makes a pleasant surprise.

Completing the series

That bottom drawer is divided into three compartments (which I use for undergarments). The top drawer, as well, has dividers, which I use for accessories and jewellry. It was important to me that, even if I was building this for myself now, this would and should belong to someone else later.
So, I use the drawers and divisions in one way, and whoever I gift this dresser to later will make it their own with what they put in those drawers. Where the first ‘Calvin’ piece was a reminder to ask what is important to me, this one may help answer that question by looking in the drawers. 
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